Lot #26-CROME

15 hands, 1210 lbs., super good minded, laid back, never bucked, packed novices. Lot’s of pack/hunting trips, grazes with hobbles, stands tied all night. Quiet in the branding pen, watches a cow and handy on his feet. Ridden mostly outside, good in all kinds of terrain, been a real fun horse to have and train. Great breeding, but came out of a bankruptcy with no papers. Had him since he was two. More information at cartercustomleather.com

I had never heard of Custom Chrome horses before I bought this one, and after working with this colt I went out and bought two more for stud prospects. This colt was so good I kind of neglected him because I could just get on and go get my work done, so I haven’t spent as much time in the arena schooling on him, but you wouldn’t know it because he has been so easy. He has never bucked, he’s been laid off lots and he acts great. He’s not a seasoned kids horse but well on his way. My wife started getting on him last fall and my kids have used him this spring to move cows. Sensible enough to be safe, but sensitive enough to have fun. I don’t think he is fast enough to win a barrel racing or be a PRCA rope horse, but he is pretty handy on his feet, watches a cow and is great to get along with. He has been on several hunting/pack trips, and is dependable, safe and easy to take care of. When he was just three I packed half an elk as well as the antlers with another horse tailed behind. Crosses water well and is careful on his feet. I have bridled him up some but if a novice gets on I’ll put him in a shank snaffle or something a little more moderate. His feet are big with thick walls and soles, he does toe in on the fronts, but has always been sound. Call with questions (208) 351-6684