15.2 hands and 1250 lbs and will still grow some. Got him as a yearling, started as a 2 year old and used on the ranch since. Can do any job on the ranch, never bucked, not cinchy, can lay off. Lots of outside miles gathering, pushing and sorting in steep country, thick timber, bogs, creeks and deep rivers. Many trips to the mountains, grazing in hobbles and tied all night, good to pack or strap a rifle on, never been lame. More information at cartercustomleather.com

This is a horse that is coming really fast. I bought him as a baby and worked with him ever since. He had about 100 days before last fall, and then he got used hard from then on. He rides good in a shank snaffle, snaffle or hackamore. He has plenty of go but isn’t chargy or prancy, rides on a loose rein but you don’t have to pedal him. I can stand up on his back, slide over his rump, and crack a bull whip, but when you need to pick up the pace he has a lot of heart. He has never been cinchy or taken a jump, not even when I saddled him the first time. At times he has acted a little watchy but it’s quite shallow and he deals with it good, he is a horse that can take chastisement and be better for it; kick him in the belly and he’ll line out. He’s good in wire and with ropes around his legs. He is a big strong horse , still growing and has durability written all over him. He has the best feet and legs of any horse I have ever owned, I’ll bring him to the sale with shoes but they will be his first set. He is good with his feet, I have trimmed him and handled his feet ever since I got him; he has thick walls and soles. He went on two back to back hunting trips last fall in steep rocky terrain bare foot and held up great. He watches his footing and is careful in the rocks and on steep ground. I packed him some last fall and he didn’t ever make a mistake, this spring I packed in fencing supplies; the fence stretchers kept slapping him on a long trot and he boogered a little, but learned to deal with it; I never have done a big top pack though. He’s great in water, bogs, creeks and crossed deep fast water several times. He watches a cow and wants to run to them, he handles them well on a rope. He packs a saddle well-he has a good back. He’s been treated like a ranch horse, not babied - penned with lots of different horses, hauled with lots of horses crammed into trailers sometimes head to tail to fit them in. Sound, never had any lameness issues. Feel free to call (208) 351-6684.